Work Process

The design phase at Koenig Developments is a crucial stage in the home-building process, where we bring our clients' visions to life while ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Here's an outline of the steps involved in our design phase.

Client Consultation

We begin by discussing our clients' needs, preferences, and budget, gaining a clear understanding of their lifestyle, design tastes, and the features they desire in their new home.


Site Evaluation

Our team assesses the building site, considering factors such as topography, sun exposure, and local regulations to optimize the design and placement of the home.


Concept Development

Based on the clients' input and site evaluation, our architects and designers create initial sketches and conceptual layouts, illustrating the general layout, room placement, and exterior appearance of the home.


Design Review and Feedback

Clients review the conceptual designs and provide feedback, allowing us to make adjustments and refinements as needed to ensure the design meets their expectations.


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Detailed Design

Once the concept is approved, our team develops detailed architectural drawings, including floor plans, elevations, and sections. These plans provide a comprehensive view of the home, showcasing dimensions, materials, finishes, and other essential elements.


Interior Design and Selections

Clients work with our interior design team to select materials, finishes, fixtures, and color schemes that align with their style and budget, creating a cohesive and harmonious interior.


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Engineering and Energy Efficiency

Our engineers collaborate with the design team to ensure the structural integrity and energy efficiency of the home, integrating elements such as insulation, heating and cooling systems, and renewable energy solutions when appropriate.


Design Approval

Clients review and approve the final design, including architectural drawings, interior design selections, and engineering plans, ensuring they are satisfied with every aspect of their new home.



With the design finalized, we prepare and submit the required documentation to obtain building permits and other necessary approvals from local authorities, ensuring compliance with all regulations and codes.


Upon completion of the design phase, Koenig Developments moves into the construction phase, transforming the meticulously crafted design into a stunning and functional new home.

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